projects articulated by Melet founder

Zublin 56 km Tunneling project 2013 [Abu Dhabi ]

 The founder of Melet has been involved (executed) in this project in the hydraulic modification and commissioning of the Liebherr 926 and 974 Telescopic shaft digging machines. The project was a success though it was a challenge for it included Hydraulic, Electrical, control systems and mechanical tasks. The knowledge acquired during these challenge is used to achieve Melet targets and teach Melet employees all the necessary procedures required.

Geudal Steel Plant Euro Branco 2013 [Brazil]

 Modification and commissioning of Ladle and convertor cleaning telescopic excavators in the Steel plant was executed by the Founder of Melet. The project was a success leading to the client buying more machinery of that kind for they were confident of the aftermarket support offered. Beside the technical experiences The founder of Melet learnt a lot to mix and work with multi-racial and multi-cultural people in which this will be a priority in the operations of Melet. 

Tube city IMS (Acelormittal Vanderbijilpark Johannesburg)2012- 2013 South Africa

New installation of Hydraulic and full electronic remote control systems on Kawasaki Z95 wheel loaders and Cat D4 dozers was a more than 5 million Rands success project executed by the founder of Melet with Assistance from a Germany company named Gross Funk. This company exclusively trained The founder of Melet extensively with certification. This knowledge acquired is applied in Melet daily procedures of articulation of Tasks.

25 Billion US Dollar New Port Project 2013-2015 [Qatar]

 Extensive project articulation in all regards was acquired from this project. The project was a success with Melet founder as a cohesive part of the project. Hydraulic components building, making of new hydraulic hoses, Flushing of hydraulic systems, mechanical repairs to mobile machinery, Engines rebuilds and adjustments, Electricals, Control systems and machines and system rebuilds on dredging system and mobile equipment. 

More projects were articulated during this period in Qatar such as Salwa Golf course land preperatio, Sumaisma world cup 2022 stadium construction, Alwakra dredging and beach extension.

Delma Island Dredging,Vibro compaction Break waters, Quey walls and slip ways construction 2015-2016 Abu Dhabi UAE

All the machinery used in these listed procedures leading to the success of the project were under the supervision of Melet founder. All machines procedures were done under site workshops and harsh conditions leading to the uniqueness of Melet managing to execute task under every possible condition meeting client halfway to success of projects.

Gasco artificial Oil Field Island Construction and Dredging Abu Dhabi UAE 2016

Dredging, Land preparation and marine equipment maintained by Melet founder leading to extensive experience in most of the industries leading Melet to be a company that does not hesitate to take a challenge and deliver best out of nothing.

Khalifa port extensionAbu Dhabi 2017

It has been a repetition of the same procedures like the above mentioned projects

 The standards used for international projects are the same standards used by Melet to make a difference in African Market. Melet articulates a project the best possible way using the best quality products Majoring in Fluid power but not limited to spread hands to make us ONE STOP SHOP

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